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The Power Handbook

River Smith

Are you ready for a to start getting what you want out of this life? Do you want to feel  enough liberating personal power to say Yes to the joys and opportunities of living, and No to the things you don’t want? Are you ready to get better at solving problems and resolving conflicts than you have ever been? Do you want to experience more power and more happiness in your relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and the rest of the world? If so, then this is the book, The Power Handbook, for you. Based on material from his book, A Conspiracy to Love: Living A Life of Joy, Generosity, and Power (2009, 2012), Dr. River Smith has developed a simple, effective step by step formula to increase your chances of getting what you want from others in your life. Whether it’s your lover, spouse, boss, annoying co-worker, congressperson, or friend, you’ll be able to use the formulas in this handbook to help you get what you want from them and/or resolve most conflicts.

The Power Handbook: Product
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